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Can a lavender plant survive outside in the winter?


I live in Québec, where winters are harsh and long. My lavender plants do fine and come back every spring. Sometimes they look like they've had it but still end up nice and thick and full of flowers. It just takes them a little bit longer to come to in the Spring.

Go to:

This page will show you three different kind of lavender hardy to Zone 5 (my zone).

If you are in doubt, cover your plants with a thick layer of mulch in the fall. Be careful though, some Lavender is too tender to be kept under the snow, better take them inside to a sunny spot.

Enjoy! Lavender plants are wonderful to have around.

Can a lavender plant survive outside in the winter?
Thanks to all that answered. The answers showed me that I hadn't given enough info. I realize that it would help if I mention where I live. Report It

Reply:This is a tricky question. Lavender is a perennial, which means it should live more than one year, and it is native to the Mediterranean. Do you live in a warm or cold place?

There are three main groups of lavender (and MANY sub-varieties!)

the Lavandula Stoechas (French or Spanish Lavender) IS frost-hardy. (short, fat spikes of dark purple flowers)

If you do not know which variety you have, Lavender is very happy in pots, which you can keep inside over the winter. They are very delightful indoor plants! (I prefer clay pots, but you can use any kind, really)

Hope this helps! ;-)
Reply:Mine do fine in New Mexico I have seen them grow great in Colorado also. Check your growing Zone.
Reply:Mine do fine in Switzerland, I just cut them back in the fall and then up they come again in the spring....
Reply:They do here in kansas city.
Reply:Generally, yes. In the spring, cut off all of last years flowerheads ( if you didn't do it in the fall) then trim about 1 inch of the new growth to prevent it from getting weak %26amp; leggy. If it is a young plant, prune it hard but do not cut into last years woody growth. Cutting the woody growth may make the branch die back.
Reply:Depends on where you live. Mine do fine here in connecticut.
Reply:no hun it can't i found out the hard Way last winter.
Reply:Yes it can, but it does need some mild protection. If possible trim it back when the season ends, and cover it with some leaves. This should form enough of a barrier and it will come back the following year! Good Luck!

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