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How do you make lavender oil with your own plants?

There are three ways.

1. Infusion - where you leave the leaves in oil a jar for 2 or 3 weeks in the sun. Shake the jar and pack the lavender in tight.

Alternatively, put the oil and plant material and heat to 65 degrees centigrade. Strain and bottle oil.

2. Enfleurage - leaving the leaves in Flora type sunflower margerine (not animal fat).

Spread 2 sheets glass with the marg with the leaves flowers you want to extract oils from. Leave overnight and put fresh leaves, flowers in until the fat smells of the plant. You now have a perfumed fat you can use to make a perfumed cream.

Next stage is to add alcohol (4 parts to one of your cream) and leave in a sealed jar. A few weeks later you should be able to skin off the fat.

Now you need to drive off the alcohol by heating whats left in a bain marie VERY SLOWLY.

3. Distilling - you need a kettle you can fit a plastic tube to, one and a half metres of plastic tubing that will fit your kettle, a bowl of ice and a jug.

Fill kettle with plant material and bottled water.

Fix the tube to the spout and arrange it so it passes through the ice in the bowl, which should be on a table or chair half the height of the stove. This cools the hot steam from the kettle so you might need to replenish the ice.

The end goes in the jug on the floor. The essential oils should end up here.

Turn on your kettle.

Don't throw away the water left in the kettle as it can be used for therapeutic purposes too.

Sadly it is illegal to buy still in this country (which is what you really need), or to import them

How do you make lavender oil with your own plants?
Here is one recipe for oil I found that has lavender in it:

Lavender and Peppermint Oil -

Crush the leaves slightly to help release the

natural oils and put them in a jar with 4

teaspoons of cider vinegar. Leave for 5

minutes. Top up with avocado oil then give

the mixture a good shake. Leave for 24 hours

before straining off the oil.

This can be used before going to bed or

anytime you feel your skin needs a little

soothing, simply pat on to your face. Use as

and when required.

I can't really think of why this method won't work with making just plain lavender oil.

Reply:Soak the lavender flowers in unscented mineral oil for 2-3 days in a sealed container (do not open until then).
Reply:i would ground the laveder seeds and then blend with water
Reply:clip the blossoms and steep in baby oil....... sort of like making tea

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Is it harmful to inhale a few drops of lavender and rose oil dropped on a piece of cloth for stress?

I read that in a book. Can it do any harm?

Is it harmful to inhale a few drops of lavender and rose oil dropped on a piece of cloth for stress?
Doubt it, it's just oils from plants, I don't see why it would be harmful, just don't ingest it.
Reply:maybe if you added a little glue it might work better but I dont think lavender and rose oil would harm you
Reply:Of course not. I have rose and lavender oil in my bath to breath the calming vapours. If your worried knock off the Rose, Lavender is the best for relaxation, rose can sometimes be too pungent if overused.
Reply:I can't think of any problems associated w/ this.

If you were to hold a rose or twig of lavender to your nose and smell it, it wouldn't do any harm. (Unless you were allergic to those things.)

The only potential problem that I can think that could possibly occur is if you are allergic to something in the essential oil and you got some on your skin. But even that I think is a low probability.
Reply:It's a great stress reliever. Keep your cloth in a container or bag, then inhale a few times every few hours or so as needed. I agree with the other responder, the lavender alone should do it. It is most likely the rose that is smelling strong. You also probably won't be able to get true rose essential oil with out spending a great deal, it is very, very expensive. You could try adding Clary Sage, or Roman Chamomile. Both are wonderful for relaxation, and are very safe.

Can anyone tell me about Lavender Point Siamese Cats?

This is an arguement I'm having with my husband... he says that our cat is Lavender Point Siamese and I googled it and couldn't find anything. But if we had children, he'd swear on them that he wasn't making it there such a thing?

Can anyone tell me about Lavender Point Siamese Cats?
Hi there...the lilac point Siamese has frosty grey, pink-tinged points. Their bodies are glacial white. The nose leather and paw pads of the lilac point are lavender-pink. The lilac points are the lightest colour of Siamese and even as they age, their body colour will stay very light.

Photos and distinguishing differences between the different colour points in the Siamese breed:
Reply:Yes, there is such a thing. Lavender (most of the time called Lilac) points on Siamese cats are light warm gray in color, kind of like a light brown. You can see a lilac point siamese here:

How do I get to the power plant above lavender town in pokemon silver?

I can't figure it out! I can't find the entrance or anything so if somebody could please help me, that'd be great!

How do I get to the power plant above lavender town in pokemon silver?
Go to cerulean city and head east, head as far east as possible and you'll find a river. Use surf and surf directly south for a while and you'll find the Power plant. There's a mission associated with the Power plant.

What are some good colors that go with LAVENder?

For my wedding I'd really like to use some shade of purple.

I've heard of using one color (purple) as your color theme then doing different shades? I dont know how unified that would look though...

But, I do LOVE lavender- what would be good with it?

(My wedding will be in the summer)

Lavender and...



pale yellow?

What are some good colors that go with LAVENder?
baby blue, white, darker/lighter shades of purple, baby pink, baby yellow. (so.. pastels)

Reply:A light green or cream would go great with Lavender.
Reply:a pale yellow or green, would be ok for opposites, yet for your wedding maybe not, try looking pale white/blue and lite pinks

Personal Colour Viewer

DIY Painting Sherwin-Williams

Reply:Pale yellow is nice, mint green works, pink is an easy choice although it can get a little too "easter egg." If you want to be daring, how about lavender with coral? Or lavender with a deep burgundy to accent - just a bit, so you don't overpower the lavender.
Reply:My mom's colors were lavendar and yellow. I went with lavendary and white.

I know this might be a little off the wall...but a Navy Blue or midnight blue....looks really good...a high school did that for their graduation...looks really good!
Reply:my room is lavender .i have those things that hang from the door and there dark pink and dark purple. it looks so chick and every one that comes to my house complements them!
Reply:I love colours!! so answering this is fun! Lavender is a light and subtle shade of purple so you will need a complementing colour for smaller details such as in your hair and floral arrangments like ( deep purple, rosey reds ) something rich! Then you will also need somewhere in their a slight touch of a shade that lays between the two. Depending on how light a tone of lavender you choose! Oh, if your not shy to a bit of glitz then you should defo choose some sparkly silvers, they are fantastic with any purple tones! Hope you look dazzling on your day!
Reply:red and magenta sound yucky! how about a pale pink or baby blue! or even violet would look good.
Reply:Honestly, I have a serious opinion on this for you!

My top color of all time to go with lavender is a soft sea green, but with a little more grass green added to it to take some of the pastel-ness out....

I have adored this color combination since I was a kid - strange, but true. My great-grandmother was an antique collector and she had this color combo everywhere - it was gorgeous!

Thanks for a fun question!

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I want to paint my room silver and purple or lavender?How would that look?

Like on one side I´d paint it silver, then on the other side purple or lavender , then silver, and purple/lavendr again

My room has 4 walls??

Would that look rly retarded??

Any other color ideas?? Im not rly sure if I like it really??

My friends said that it would totally fit to me, im just that kind of person, it matches to me , they say??

What do u think??

Any ideas?

I want to paint my room silver and purple or lavender?How would that look?
For me, it would be horrible. But it's not my room, it's yours. Do whatever makes you happy.

If you don't like it, you can always change it again.
Reply:I think that would be really pretty! I suggest though, instead of two walls with each color, do three walls the same and one different, as the "accent wall." I have actually seen this done with a metallic silver on one wall and it looked pretty neat.

Have fun! Your room is your haven, so you should love it!
Reply:You should probably just paint the walls in the purple color and have silver accessories. You can put some silver paint on the walls, but not on the whole wall. Maybe try some purple stripes on one wall vertical.
Reply:It would be cool, in both ways (cool not warm, and cool like stylin'). Then you can change bedding to make it even cooler (temperature) or warmer with your mood or the seasons. Cobalt blue to cool it off even more, and in the winter you could have some wine colored bedding to warm it up.

I hate colors like rust, burnt orange, tan, etc. So I like your idea.
Reply:It would look great.The colors go together perfectly. My sister recently painted a metallic gold and plum in her dining room.It looks really good.Silver and purple would be pretty along with other decrotions that would accent the walls.Amber
Reply:Purple or Lavender are wonderful ideas. I'm not really sure about Silver. What about different shades or Purple? that would look really pretty. :)
Reply:what about all the purple/lavendar color and silver trim
Reply:i did that, only i added black trimming and it looked really cute. my bedspread was white with black outlines of flowers (from target) and pink pillows. my favorite room!

oh, and then check out my latest creation ...
Reply:Actually that would look really nice, especially if you had some type of finish on the silver or gray walls. Just make sure the purple isn't a very bright one or it will look weird. A dark, kind of dusty purple will go well with silver or gray.
Reply:that would look totally awesome,go for it
Reply:it would be awesome. go with it!
Reply:Lavender and silver for the walls and you could get some purple accessories to put around like candles and stuff. I think it would look nice! You could also go with lavender and sage green, they are really pretty colors together. Good luck!
Reply:do what you think would look good. Normally you don't paint two walls one color and two another. I see a lot of 3 walls one color and the wall behind your bed a different.. But the color sounds very nice, I'm sure it will look nice. try steepleling. Where you take one color, (silver) paint the whole wall, then dip the steeple into the purple and blot over it.


First , under the picture click. Change image, then to the top right click, show room type. and goo to bedrooms. Then modify your colors.... pick a color for each of the palettes shown.. Have fun
Reply:I'm thinking lavender walls with silver on the wood trim and a white ceiling.
Reply:hm, i think it would look cute :) if your like a teen or something not an adult lol. I suggest finding a beadspred first, like if your beadspread is like orange you shouldnt paint your room those colours. If your really stuck on colours then do what i did :P , i got a white beadspred and it had rainbow polka dots on it so i baught little paint samples of that colour and put polka dots on the wall.
Reply:I think that would look awesome! Have you thought about painting your whole room in like a deep purple and then sponging on lavender and silver on the walls? I think that would look great too.
Reply:the color combination is good but I suggest that you use silver to accentuate.
Reply:that would look awesome! and then just have some decor to matchhhh :)
Reply:Maybe you should just paint one wall silver, like the main wall behind your bed. Or do all purple and then add sliver accents in your room with things like those metal words that say stuff like dream and hope. My favorite color is purple and I would think this would look good.
Reply:or u can do stripes or something your idea might look cool but i have no idea.

Since my lavender won't bloom for another season or two . what should i do to take care of it in the meantime?

i have been feeding it miracle grow for indoor plants. is this wise? and should i become concerned that the potted plants are now woody. very woody.

Since my lavender won't bloom for another season or two . what should i do to take care of it in the meantime?
If you've grown this from a cutting, it is best outside in the soil. The more clayey the soil is, the happier lavender seems to be. Mine usually flower the year after I've taken them as cuttings. I don't feed them at all and I have loamy soil.

I would cut the plant back to give it a pleasing structure and shape. It is commonly thought one should not cut back into old wood, and that is usually true. Only in the case of very old plants is it recommended to cut back into hard old this what you've done?

Since the plants are very woody they sound quite old...why haven't they flowered I wonder. I would take plenty of cuttings - they are one of the easiest to propagate and next year you could have lots of blooms.
Reply:Lavender does really not need fertilizer, and its known for its woody base/stocks, leave it alone. Its probably going into remission for a spell( they need a rest period) so stop the fertilizing!!! It knows what to do for itself., and right now its REST!
Reply:Lavender blooms every season, if you have room, plant them in the garden, they will flourish far better than in pots.