Monday, May 11, 2009

Does lavender and citrus really repel scorpions?

If so, what is better lavender essential oil, dried lavendar or the live plants?

Does lavender and citrus really repel scorpions?
Spiders have no nose for smelling. They don't have a sense of smell as we know it. The hairs on their legs detect movement such as air currents or ground movement.

Scorpions have motion sensors on the tips of their legs also the pectines are feathery sensory organs which hang beneath the abdomen and trail on the ground to detect minute chemical signals. Most scientists think this is more for mating and approach of prey. Whether these pectines would allow the scorpion to react to strong smells such as lavender--I just don't know.

Since scorpions live in dark areas such as crevices, why would a plant act as a deterent?
Reply:yes fleas too
Reply:it should

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